Don’t Wish the Waiting Away

If I’m not speaking to anyone else on this one then I sure as heck am speaking to myself. I am so. stinking. guilty. of wishing the waiting away.

It’s silly, really. In the midst of fighting this battle, I remember hearing the Lord whisper this saying to my heart one night, “Wishing away the waiting is like wishing away the rain and expecting the flowers to grow, Maddie.” I remember sitting there (honestly) thinking, “welppp that’s a little cliche, God, thanks,” (so thankful for his grace because dang, attitude) but then it hit me. I mean it really hit me. I AM THE FLOWER. YOU are the flower.

When it comes to our own growth, it is so difficult to submit to this reality, probably because well, it hurts sometimes. But, here is an important reminder that seasons of waiting are necessary – actually, they’re crucial if we want to grow.

Like it or not, growing pains are a part of the growing process, refinement is part of the growing process. Be encouraged to surrender to the process today, the process that is constantly molding you into the best version of yourself. Allow the Lord to do what He needs to do in you so that he can do what he wants to do through you.

I’m going to say (well, type) that again… Allow the Lord to do what He needs to do IN you so He can do what He wants to do THROUGH you!

Even when it’s so difficult, don’t fight it, that will only extend the pain. Allow Him to be your strength and carry you through. Press in and praise Him through the pain – praise Him through what doesn’t make sense in the natural, praise Him through what you don’t understand, praise Him through the circumstances you face that you have no control over and then WATCH Him redeem, WATCH Him restore, WATCH Him make new and make sense of it all.

Until you arrive at your breakthrough on the other side of waiting, allow Him to shape you, allow Him to correct you in love, let Him to strip away what needs to be stripped away…  to bring you to the place where you realize that all you really need is HIM. When your heart arrives there, you will realize that there is no better place to be. You will be able to rejoice in the waiting!!!

<  3 Maddie Joy

“While I wait, you strengthen my heart.” / Psalm 27:14


8 thoughts on “Don’t Wish the Waiting Away

  1. This is perfect. I love the realness in your writing and how bold you are! It’s such a great reminder that sometimes we need things to be stripped away in order to fully glorify Him!


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