Right Here

The foot of the cross is where I choose to remain.

This is where my mess was paid for in FULL.

This is where the promise of my purpose lies.

Abundant joy and unconditional love constantly flow from here. Rest and peace remain even when the ground beneath me is shaky.

It’s in this place that I am whole, that I lack no good thing. Its where my confidence is found.

This is where the miracle happens, it’s where I have watched God do the impossible again and again and again.

“I found my life when I laid it down” becomes a complete and utter reality here…

…and so to the weary heart like mine that has strayed, clung to temporary things to fill the void, and attempted to white knuckle grip and control your way through life just to end up dissapointed, hurt, lonely, and empty one too many times…stop. Open your palms. Release that grip that you have been clinging to so tightly. FREEDOM is waiting to meet you right here. For when you experience the fullness of this love,

The foot of the cross is where you will want to remain, too.

< 3 Maddie Joy

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