VICTORY is yours

The struggle is real. I don’t know what it looks like in your life right now… whether its school, relationships, self-image, loss, or just a plain old “What the heck is going on with my life????????????” in general, BUT I do know some truth despite what the challenge may look like right now.

The Lord has been teaching this heart of mine that knowing His truth and even believing it , isn’t enough. We have to know it, believe it, AND…here it comes, walk it out in confidence (even when life isn’t going our way, EASIER SAID THAN DONE, I know.)

I was feeling the weight of the world one day, and quite honestly throwing a self pity party, (those moments have been pretty frequent lately) and He so gently redirected my heart to this truth:

“No despite all of these things we have overwhelming victory in Christ who loved us.” / Romans 8:37

WOAHHH, back to the “walk it out in confidence” thing… I’m realizing more and more my tendencies to have the power of God’s word right in front of me and to go about my daily life as usual like it’s distant or doesn’t apply to me and what I’m going through. His word is alive and it is for us and it is applicable to our circumstances, it is the ANSWER to our circumstances, all of them. I challenge you (and myself) to ask this question:

“How might my life look different if I was walking confidently through my circumstances trusting that victory is promised for me?”

I don’t know about you, but, it would change a whole lot for the better in my own life. Not only do we have victory, but it says we have OVERWHELMING victory. (Overwhelming: very great in amount) in Jesus who loves us. That is two huge promises to cling to :

  1. VICTORY IS GUARANTEED. (even when you feel completely defeated)
  2. YOU ARE LOVED. (even when you feel most unlovable)

Trust me, I get it, like I said previously, the struggle is real and the challenges are BIG sometimes…so, so big, but the promises we have to hang onto are so much bigger. I’m thankful for a God who sees the big picture when I’m stuck in the mess of right now…for a God who won the battle long before I saw it coming, and I’m especially thankful that when I get so caught up in the challenge and completely exhaust myself trying to carry the weight of it on my own, that He always shows up, actually, that He’s there all along just waiting for me to acknowledge that I need Him. DESPERATELY.

Friend, He is bigger than whatever you are facing today, and because He loves you – rest assured that victory is guaranteed for you. I can’t tell you when, I can’t tell you how, and I can’t tell you why it looks this way right now, because I just don’t know the answers, I’m not God. I can tell you that when you walk through what you’re facing like you believe that promise – your relationship with what you don’t understand will completely change. Hold your head a little higher from this moment forward, live like you’re loved and that victory. is. yours.

< 3 Maddie Joy


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